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Careers In Insurance

Today, more than 2.5 million Americans work in the insurance industry. And because population and wealth continues to rise, the insurance sector is likely to grow. The insurance business can be both exciting and lucrative. The average insurance professional in Indiana makes $54,000 per year, well above the state’s average wage. Experienced actuaries, attorneys, and successful agents can easily earn six-figure salaries.

With 56,000 insurance employees in Indiana, there is certainly no shortage of industry positions. Additionally, Ball State University and Indiana State University offer nationally recognized insurance and actuarial degrees, so training can come right here in Indiana.

Here is a look at some insurance jobs:


Actuaries are responsible for determining the risk involved in insuring a person’s life, their property, their health, or their business. Because their analysis is used to establish coverage risk, actuaries are one of the most important elements of the insurance industry. A successful actuary understands government legislation and social tendencies that effect risk.

Agent and Broker

Brokers and agents sell insurance policies to individuals and companies that want to guard their assets against liability. In the event of a fire, injury, or accident, customers call their agents; therefore agents must have a detailed knowledge of policies and their limitations. Those who are familiar with business practices and comfortable talking with all types of customers can make a good living working an adjustable schedule in the insurance industry.

Claims Adjuster

When a customer has had an accident, been injured, or been through a loss, adjusters help determine a fair settlement between all involved. A successful claims adjuster must have excellent communication and negotiation skills and should be able to arbitrate with grace and empathy. Adjusters spend time in the field, as well as behind a desk.

Service Representatives

Because of their function as a go between insurance companies and insurance agents, service representatives must have excellent communication skills and a detailed understanding of insurance products. A successful representative is good at building relationships with agents and company representatives. A General liberal arts education provides a solid foundation for a career as a service representative.


When a person applies for a policy, it is an underwriter who determines whether that person is worth the risk of insuring. By assessing how much risk a person represents, underwriters ensure that all policyholders fit the company’s requirements. In addition, underwriters often help determine policy pricing.

Descriptions courtesy of  www.careeroverview.com