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Insurance Institute of Indiana

A Leading Advocate for Insurers in Indiana
Focusing on Government Affairs - Enhanced by Media Relations

Legislative Successes:

  • Clarifying the mandated offer of UM/UIM coverage does not apply to commercial policies (2005 session)
  • Authorizing the use of health insurance waivers (2005 session)
  • Limiting liability for church premises used primarily for worship services (2005 session)
  • Increasing criminal penalties for insurance fraud (2005 session)
  • Passage of model legislation from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) creating the Interstate Compact, which allows for a single point of filing for life insurance products (2005 session)
  • Removing the investment vehicle, asset-backed securities (ABS), from the "basket clause" of the insurance investment code allowing Indiana domestic P&C companies to invest up to 10 percent of admitted company assets in ABS (2004 session)
  • Prohibiting mortgage lenders from requiring individuals to insure their property for the value of the loan rather than the replacement cost of the property (2004 session)
  • Requiring the state to pay for 75 percent of the costs of the Indiana Comprehensive Health Insurance Association (ICHIA), the state's high-risk health pool (2004 session)
  • Passage of model legislation from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) creating an index nonforfeiture rate for individual deferred annuities establishing a cap of three percent and a floor of one percent (2004 session)
  • Establishing guidelines for the use of insurance scoring (2003 session)
  • Exemption for licensed insurance agents in the state's telephone solicitation act (2001 session)
  • Lowering of the minimum nonforfeiture rate (2002 session)
  • Passage of regulation for structured settlement purchases (2001 session)
  • Passage of privacy regulation, limited to the guidelines of Gramm-Leach-Bliley, specifically in the areas of worker's compensation and third-party claims (2001 session)
  • Passage of the model producer licensing act with several exemptions for company employees
    (2001 session)
  • Reduction of the insurance premium tax to lowest in region (2001 session)
  • Treatment of viatical settlements as securities to address fraud in viatical transactions (2000 session)
  • Passage of significant pro-defense tort reform (1995 session)