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Defensive Legislative Successes

  • Successfully lobbied for gubernatorial veto of ineffective seat belt defense legislation

  • Defeating attempt to eliminate the Indiana Compensation Rating Bureau (ICRB) by merging it into the Indiana Department of Insurance

  • Defeating measure that would have mandated insurers notify the Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) whenever an insured was cancelled or non-renewed their auto coverage

  • Defeating bill that would have barred any insurer from maintaining an interest in an auto repair facility

  • Defeating measure that would have required companies that sustained a breach of information to notify all potentially affected customers and granted the affected parties a private right of action against the company

  • Defeating measure that would have extended the statute of limitations for civil actions brought in cases of childhood sexual assault

  • Defeating attempt to allow school corporations to pool together resources for the purpose of providing insurance coverage

  • Defeating a worker's compensation bill that would have provided prejudgment interest penalties and guaranteed full recovery of attorney fees

  • Defeating the passage of a bad faith statute to third-party actions in Indiana

  • Defeating attempt to repeal part of Indiana's tort reform by notifying jurors of non-parties who are immune from liability

  • Defeating proposal to utilize money in the Indiana guaranty funds as a revenue source for the state

  • Defeating attempt to repeal commercial deregulation for governmental entities and allow unregulated pooling for those same entities

  • Defeating attempt to instate employee choice of physician and increase fees for plaintiff attorneys in worker's compensation cases