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Home Inventory

The Insurance Institute of Indiana encourages all homeowners to keep a current home inventory list, which keeps record of all of your home’s contents and the estimated replacement costs of those belongings.

To download your own home inventory list, click here.

Why do I need a home inventory list?

There are many joys to owning your own home; however, there are also risks that may threaten your home or property. These risks may involve damaging weather events that can cause harm to your home and/or property. In addition to common weather-related perils, such as tornado or flood, fires can occur resulting in significant losses. You may not be able to control these risks, but you can prepare yourself in the event of a loss by purchasing homeowners insurance and documenting your possessions.

In addition to keeping record of your personal belongings, a home inventory list will also help you ensure that you have purchased enough insurance to replace all of your possessions.

In the event of loss, having a home inventory list will also speed the claims process and substantiate losses for income tax purposes, according to the Insurance Information Institute.

Where do I store my home inventory list?

Do not keep your list in your home, because it, too, might be damaged or destroyed. Keep your inventory list, along with any receipts or other documentation, in a safe deposit box or with a trusted friend or relative so that you can give your list to your insurance agent if your home is damaged. You may also want to have more than one copy available, in case of an emergency.